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3 Packing Tips for People With An Upcoming Move

If you have an upcoming relocation and will be doing the packing yourself, this article is for you. While we could probably write an article with 12 packing tips, we wanted to consolidate it down to the top 3 tips we think will help you the most.

Top 3 Packing Tips For An Upcoming Moves

  • Leave No Vacant Spaces – You might be surprised how many spaces go unused during a move. Think of all the empty voids in the items you are moving and find things to pack in those spaces. These areas can often be a great spot to pack fragile items and the void they are being packed inside can act as an additional layer of protection.For example, don’t move a dresser with empty drawers. In the kitchen, pack spices and other things in an empty pot. In the garage, pack your empty cooler with smaller items. In the attic, utilize the space in unused luggage to pack additional items. Depending on how you are moving, you will likely be charged on a combination of space and weight. That means that without this tip you would be paying additional money for all of those unused voids in the items you are packing.
  • Pack and Label Items From Each Room Separately – Often in the chaos of moving, items from various rooms get packed into the same boxes. While this may seem efficient at the time, we strongly urge you to resist this practice. You should pack all items from a given room together in the same boxes. In addition, these boxes should be labeled so that you can easily see what room they came from. This will allow you to move those boxes immediately into the corresponding room in the new residence. This practice will help you get organized on the other end much quicker and save a lot of searching through boxes for particular items.
  • Pack Items Together That Work Together – This may seem obvious, but often power cords, remote controls, etc are packed separate from the TV they go to. One way to keep things together is to use ziplock bags to place the remote control and power cord in and then tape that bag to the back of the TV. The same can be said for wall mounting hardware for shelving, pictures, etc. Use a bag and tape these mounting pieces to the item they go along with. For the cost of some ziplock bags and some tape, your life on the other end will be far less stressful.

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