Is A Less Stressful Relocation Possible? Check Out These 3 Tips!

Is A Less Stressful Relocation Possible? Check Out These 3 Tips!

There are many reasons that necessitate a relocation. Some of them good and some not so good. It can be something that is being forced upon you, or something you have planned and are looking forward to. The one thing that is certain with any relocation is the stress that comes along with it. In fact, Health Status rated moving as one of the top five stressful situations we face stating, “Even if you are moving from a shack to a palace, this is still stressful. It may be a happy occasion, but it is still a disruption of your routine. And any disruption of your routine causes stress. Moving disrupts the entire family. And it is a real pain in the neck. Plus you have to deal with the packing.” With this in mind, is it possible to have a less stressful relocation?

With moves causing such a great deal of stress, we thought we would compile a list of three ways to minimize the pressure of the situation and facilitate the less stressful relocation you are looking for.

  • Detailed Planning – This one probably seems obvious, but many people approach the planning of a move in a somewhat haphazard way. Our advice would be to begin getting a plan down on paper early in the process that can be added to as things come up. This becomes a living document to help you plan the move. It may be hard to think of all aspects of a relocation in one sitting. By having an ongoing plan that is updated, you can add and delete things as you think of them throughout the days and weeks leading up to the move. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a spiral notebook will do, but begin getting a plan down on paper sooner as opposed to later.
  • Hire a Moving Company – If your budget allows, one of the best stress-relieving things you can do is hiring a professional moving company. Sure, you can call in favors from friends & family and probably get it done yourself, but the added stress of doing the move yourself can be overwhelming. Plus, if a professional moving company drops your favorite piece of furniture during the move, they will have insurance to make things right. The same can’t be said if your friend Bob trips while carrying it to the “rent a trailer”.
  • Prepare for a Safe Landing – The move-out is only half the story. Once you arrive at your new destination, the stack of boxes can create a whole new wave of stress. Combat this in advance by planning to have a core group of boxes packed with all the essentials for the first several days in your new home. Only include what is needed to get you settled those first couple days. This should include things like bedding, towels, toiletries, the coffee machine, etc. Scrounging through numerous boxes to find your sheets after a long moving day will definitely create stress that is easily avoidable.

If you have any questions about NEDRAC can assist in you having a less stressful relocation, contact us by calling (800) 366-1204. We would be happy to answer any questions and help you plan for your upcoming move.

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