Moving? Avoid These Three Common Relocation Mistakes

Upcoming Relocation? – Here Are 5 Mistakes to Avoid

If you have an upcoming relocation, you are likely experiencing just how frustrating planning a move can be at times. We understand and wanted to bring you a list of five mistakes to avoid to make your relocation go more smoothly, help you maintain your sanity and maybe even save you a couple Dollars along the way.

5 Relocation Mistakes To Avoid
      1. Not Marking the Boxes with the Contents – When packing up your current residence, take the time to clearly mark the boxes with names that will enable you to quickly know what is inside. It is also a great idea to mark the box with the room in the house you are moving to you would like that box placed in. With a little planning during packing, you will save yourself a ton of time on the other end unpacking and getting settled in to your new place.
      2. Making Sure Your Items Fit in the New Place – It makes no sense to pay to move something only to find out that it will not fit in your new residence. Take some measurements beforehand so that you can be sure. Sell anything that will not fit before you move so you can pocket some extra cash and avoid paying more for the move than you need to.
      3. Spending Too Much Money on Packaging Materials – Finding quality boxes and packing material for free is possible. While you need to be careful that the boxes you get are clean and able to hold the weight, see related article HERE, you can often obtain quality boxes from local retail stores that are available in a large variety of sizes. Also, save copies of newspapers for a few weeks prior to the move for internal packing material. Between you and a couple friends keeping their papers, you should have all the free packing material you will need. Best part is that it is all free.
      4. Missing the Opportunity to Purge – Often during a relocation you discover things you haven’t seen since your last relocation. If you haven’t been using something for that amount of time, does it really make sense to move it? Now, we understand the things that are sentimental or important to your family, but people often move items that have no significant value and haven’t been used in a long time. Not only do you have to find a place to put it in your new place, you have to pay to move it also. A relocation is a great time to ask yourself if you really need something and purge it if the answer is no.
      5. Forgetting to Forward Your Mail – Seems like an easy one, but in the frenzy of moving, people often forget to put a change of address form in with the post office. You should also create a checklist for all companies sending you mail so that you can contact them and make sure they have your new address on file. You can even do the change of address online with the US Postal Service by clicking HERE.

While not a complete list of all the relocation mistakes someone could make, we hope this basic list helps dodge these easy to avoid ones. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming move, we would be happy to help. You can contact us by clicking HERE.

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