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3 Common Relocation Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them

Do you have an upcoming move? If so, it can be a stressful time even under the best circumstances. When it comes to moves, we have seen it all. We wanted to help by sharing these three common relocation mistakes and how to avoid them. We hope these help make your upcoming move a bit less stressful.

How to Avoid 3 Common Relocation Mistakes

  • You Try To Save on Packing Materials – Let’s make the assumption that anything you are moving is important to you and you would like it to arrive intact. That being said, packing materials is not a place to try to save money. Nothing makes a move even more stressful than to find broken items when unpacking at your new location. Audit all the items that you will be moving and buy appropriate packing materials. If in doubt, the more packing material, the better.
  • Your Items Aren’t Properly Insured – There are several types of insurance available to cover your belongings during the move. Ask your mover and insurance company questions to make sure that the insurance you have is adequate to cover all your items in the event that issues arise.
  • You Don’t Use Moving As An Opportunity To Get Rid of Unused Items – A move is the best time to consider whether you still need things that you no longer use. Not only will it eliminate the need to find a place for these items at your new place, you will also be paying more money to move items you no longer need. Getting rid of these items now saves money on the move and you can likely donate these items to save some money on taxes as well.

We welcome any questions you may have on avoiding these and other common relocation mistakes. We would also be happy to discuss how NEDRAC can help with your upcoming relocation, our various services, insurance, licenses and reviews. You can contact us by calling either (800) 366-1204 or (760) 345-9621. If you would like a quote on your move, please fill out the contact form below.


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