Avoid Common Moving Mistakes On Your Relocation With These Three Tips

Avoid Common Moving Mistakes On Your Relocation With These 3 Tips

The The New York Times had an article entitled “The Mistakes We Make When Moving” that we thought might be of interest, so we wanted to summarize the article so you can avoid common moving mistakes on your next relocation.

  • Avoid Common Moving Mistakes On Your Relocation With These Three Tips 2
    • Rushing – Do not wait till the last minute to begin packing and preparing for the move. When you are under the gun, you are more likely to make mistakes that you will regret later or may result it broken or damaged good. The article states “..almost every home-improvement store and storage facility sells packing materials, including item-specific ones like dish sleeves and bags for framed pictures. Between those materials being widely available and online videos showing how to efficiently and carefully pack boxes, you can drastically reduce the chances of breaking anything in the move by giving yourself enough time to pack things the right way.”
    • Leaving the Breakables Breakable – Make sure that you take extra care to pack breakables in a way that ensures they arrive intact. Any move practically ensures that the boxes will be subject to some jostling around. Pack anything breakable with this in mind and provide ample packing material to keep the these items intact. A common mistake the article says people make is to not take the time to properly pack. Whether that is because they are rushing, see point 1, or that they have lack of knowledge, items end up broken because of improper packing.
    • Not Supporting Top-Heavy Items – Avoid packing a lot of weight on items with narrow legs or not a lot of strength. While these items might seem fine when stacked in a garage or basement, the load is not being subject to the movement it will experience in transit. The article mentions “…the items that are often most at risk are the ones with a lot of weight on top of narrow legs, like pianos and pinball machines. You have so much weight on the top, and it’s fine when it’s stagnant in a game room or in your home — it’s not swaying back and forth like at brakes or stoplights. All that pressure is going on the piano legs and pinball machine legs. A leg gives and the thing comes crashing down. To keep these items safe, the article recommended stacking packed boxes between the legs and up to the underside of the object so that the boxes become supports for the heavy top.

To check out the entire article in The New York Times, click HERE

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